Design Document

Hi Dr. Boessen and DNN! Here is my Design Document for my final project. (I’m not super satisfied with it–I kind of want to take it in a magical school angle as I think that would be really fun. So this is very subject to change.)

Logline: While searching for clues about their missing son, two parents receive an anonymous email that contains the documentation of his disappearance. The story will begin in an epistolary style, then shift into voice recordings.

Story beats:

Timeline: I think I would try and start on the written portion as soon as possible, and try and have it finished by this weekend. (Or at least outline each story beat, and write the beginning few.) Next weekend, I would try and get a jump on the voice recordings, as I think those would be the most time consuming for me. I usually need to write a script, and then record as I am very bad at ad-libbing.

Even as I’m writing this, though, I want to change it. Think about how much better this logline is:

Two parents begin to investigate their missing son, when they receive letters from him informing them that he’s been inducted into a school for magical children. However, as the letters are updated the school becomes a darker picture and the parents become increasingly worried.

Huhhh! Isn’t that better? I like it more. What do you think?

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