Digital Story: Keys, please

Hi DNN! So, this is my submission for the Digital Story assignment. I wanted to use the Digital Story type of video to create a creepy mood, even if my story ended up a little cheesy. I’ve watched tons of videos about “True Horror Stories” on Youtube, and they’ve always been super cheesy but also pretty scary for me, and constitute one of my guilty pleasures. They’re not good, but for some reason I like them. So, I wanted to make my own for this assignment, and capture their mood and tone.

I didn’t use that many pictures, but I also thought if I was cycling through a bunch of images it might detract from the story’s creep-factor. I wanted a lot of the focused to be placed on the narration, I tried to create a mostly smooth transition between images. The images on screen constitute what I thought was the focus for the mini-scenes. Additionally, I added background music to let the viewer immediately know exactly what kind of story/video they were viewing. I think that’s more important with creepy videos, since some people really hate to view anything meant to scare.

I think I could have made better use of the digital story elements. I would have found better images, as mine are fair-use and not the best. I’ll remember that for next time!

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Solid work here: a consistent tone is maintained in the narration and music throughout, and the images support and reinforce that. Count it. As we discussed in class, there are places where the timing and/or positioning of the edits could have used a bit more polish, but overall good work.


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