Design Doc 2? Magic school edition

Hi everyone…It is me, once again. So, this is the map of story beats for the idea I had about an epistolary story centering around the parents’ perspective of a Harry Potter-magical-school story.

Sorry, that is a bit small and hard to read. But that’s the general gist of what I have. Things I’m still thinking about are:

Platforms and platform affordances: So far, my story’s going to take place wholly over 2 WordPress blogs and be delivered via text. However, I would like to spice things up with images and audio recordings, and maybe even link to other websites if possible. Maybe I could make a twitter for the private investigator, or have them make voice recordings?

Multiple endings: I have one little secret ending planned out, but I would like to make MORE! Also, I need to make a way for the reader to reasonably get there. I might just have to link it, but that’s not very secret, now is it?

Thanks for reading! Definitely let me know if you have any suggestions. 🙂

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